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In interior design, Volvo uphold family style design, more user-friendly design and high-tech configuration of its highlights. The famous Volvo City Safety City Safety system for the whole system comes standard, in addition, can also be fully optional nfl football jerseys for sale pedestrian safety brake system with automatic auxiliary queuing system, ACC adaptive cruise the world's leading active safety technology .

2774 mm wheelbase models belong to the same level in the upper level, the seat material is soft, wrap is also good, although the experience is not comfortable legroom, but the overall feeling toddler nfl football jerseys is still in place ride.

Power, the Volvo XC60 offers T5, T6 two different engine models, including models equipped with the 2.0 GTDi T5 turbocharged engine, maximum power of 177 kilowatts, the nfl football team jerseys maximum torque of 320 Nm, excellent performance also laid on the value of its outstanding dynamic performance. On the transmission, 2.0T turbo models models are matching 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, while the 3.0 T6 models for the 6-speed manual transmission.

Comments: The Volvo XC60 is only available when listed T6 3.0-liter power, the price is also high, the market performance is not ideal, but the subsequent cheap youth nfl football jerseys launch of T5 2.0 turbo models in the high dynamic performance, the price reduction is the key.